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Johanna Gratzer is a female, visual design student from Austria. Currently, she is doing her BA in the Communication Department at DAE, Eindhoven, NL. Recently, she participated in an exchange program at the VC Department at ZhdK, Zürich, CH.

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Her practice can’t be solely linked to a single discipline, but rather evolves around multiplicity / is based on theory, resumption of history and means of narration. Depending on the context, she prefers to alter various streams of information, with a strong emphasis on the depiction of the wo(man), describing an appeal for gender equality and feminist narratives.

(2) Cybersluts and Anarcho-Cyberterrorists, 2021
Essay, Editorial

Essay on impulses behind Techno-Feminist Art Practice in the 90s. Exemplified on the Example All We Got, VNS Matrix, 1992. Cybertheorists and Techno-Scientists optimistically believed the internet would change the world for the better, and Cyberfeminists had techno-utopian aspirations for radical feminism in the 90s. As theoretical inspiration served theorist Donna Haraway who wrote the The Cyborg Manifesto that rejects the rigid boundaries that separates binaries like human/animal, man/woman and natural/artificial. The work of VNS Matrix, an australian based art collective / representatives of early feminist cyberart, was inspired by Haraway’s writings. Their work talks about female identity and stereotyped thinking about gender and technology during that time. The essay focuses on some of these examples from the perspective of modern feminist art practive, questioning the patriarch infrastructure in art. The project resulted in a written essay, translated in the format of a publication.

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Mentoring by Tania Messel
VC ZhdK, Zürich, CH
January 2021 ongoing