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Johanna Gratzer is a female, visual design student from Austria. Currently, she is doing her BA in the Communication Department at DAE, Eindhoven, NL. Recently, she participated in an exchange program at the VC Department at ZhdK, Zürich, CH.

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Her practice can’t be solely linked to a single discipline, but rather evolves around multiplicity / is based on theory, resumption of history and means of narration. Depending on the context, she prefers to alter various streams of information, with a strong emphasis on the depiction of the wo(man), describing an appeal for gender equality and feminist narratives.

(03) Donna Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto, re-edit, 2020

Editorial, Re-edit

Donna Haraway’s writings have influenced my personal projects, and delivered fundamental inspiration for my own writings and formed my critical standpoint in terms of social gender norms and binary gender roles. The Cyborg Manifesto is often being referenced in the context of feminist art practice. VNS Matrix took the opportunity to form an immediate translation of the Cyborg Manifesto and turned it into their own artistic / political interpretation: The Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century. With this publication, book or binding, I intend to overbring gratitude and appreciation for the writings of Haraway. 

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Self-initiated Project
2020, Zürich, CH