(01) Kurt Pinthus, Menschheitsdämmerung, 2021


Menschheitsdämmerung - with the original subtitle " Symphony recently seal " - is an expressionist lyric anthology, which got issued by the German writer and journalist Kurt Pinthus by the end of 1919.  The anthology brings together known expressionist writings from that time, which reflect upon the political, social uprisings in Mid-Europe, specifically in Germany. Their writings are beholding, worshipping mostly the loss and sorrow of the 1st World War. The first poem in the anthology “End of the World” by Jakob van Hoddis became well known and also served as an inspiration for my project. The original issue was burned during the book burning in Germany in 1933. I am fascinated in historical documentation, different formats of narratives and somewhat questioning the purpose of archiving.

Menschheitsdämmerung” has profoundly shaped the character of the Typeface Apoc, which i created specifically for this purpose. Have a look at it here.

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Self-initiated Project
Zürich, CH, 2021